Froment & Putman 1994's exhibitions


Frère Marc was discoverd by Cyrille Putman and Almine Rech in 1992 and became an artist of the Gallery Froment & Putman with Fabrice HyberHuang Yong PingJames Turell

The brother marc’s exhibition in 1994 was a great sucess in term of innovations and sales. Pierre Giquel (Zal) wrote the introducing text.

Article dans Art Press

The chapter « L’art à tout va » in Cyrille Putman, Premières pressions à froid, Robert Lafont, 2014,
tell this story. The characters are James Turrell, One Young Ping, Fabrice Hybert and brother marc.
An exhibition around Cyrille Putman was in Enrico Navarra Gallery (Paris) in 2015 with Meïr Masterpieces.

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