Low Art

Meïr Long is a Low Art (« Art Brut ») practioner. This idealistic and spiritual approach to aesthetics embraced so called « low art » and eschewed traditional standards of beauty in favor of what we believe to be a more authentic and humanistic approach to image-making. (Cf. Jean Dubuffet, L’homme du commun à l’ouvrage)

True art is always where you don’t expect it, where no one thinks about it or says its name. Art hates being recognized and greeted by name, he runs away immediately.

Jean Dubuffet, L’homme du commun à l’ouvrage

It is in our time of freedom of the press that the press, with more eagerness than it never had, made itself so unanimously the auxiliary servile of the police.

Jean Dubuffet, Asphyxiante culture

 » From this point of view, the total moral collapse of respectable society under Hitler’s regime can teach us that in such circumstances those who cherish values ​​and hold fast to moral norms and standards can change overnight … and there will be nothing left but the simple habit of hanging thight to something. Much more reliable are those who doubt and are skeptical, not because skepticism is good or salutary doubt but because they serve to examine things and form an opinion. The best of us are those who know only one thing: that whatever happens, as long as we live, we will have to live with ourselves.
Hanna Arendt, Personal responsibility and dictatorial regime, 1964.