When I came from Cloister in the ‘World’ (as we said in the monastic fence), i used to manage a team of developers and infographics in order to build a CD-Rom about The Bible. (Temple-Mishkan in 3D, etc…)

After ten years out, I didn’t knew the obvious rules of social life in the ‘world’. A kind of Asperger. Theses girls and guy were very nice me.

On day one of my empoyee, a girld, pointed to the sky saying :

 » This is my house « 

They called me E.T.

It happens in life that we feel very alone. If it happens to you medidate this sentence my Rav said once Shabbat:

« A creature should never despair »

Rav Haïm Harboun.

Judaism accepts the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Religious Jews believe in the possibility of alien life. In what “image” were these E.T. created ? In the image of G.od, and with G.od words.
Because G.od speaks evrytime to every creature : the lion, the cat, the fish, the tree, the stone throught his own language as a creature to make it happen in the Reality.

With this in mind, we should meditate on the response that the Lubavitch Rabbi gave to Dr. Velvel Green, a prominent microbiologist who was hired by NASA as part of his project to determine if there was life on Mars. When the latter asked him privately whether it was appropriate to carry out a such research, the Rabbi replied:

 » Dr. Greene, then look for life on Mars ! And if you can’t find it there, look elsewhere in the universe. Because standing idly and pretend that there is no life outside of Earth planet is like setting limits to the Creator. And that, none of His creatures can do « 

The Lubavitch Rebbe


Dr. David Weintraub, professor of astronomy at Vanderbilt University and the author of Religions and Extraterrestrial Life: How Will We Deal With It?, affirms that Judaism is spiritually prepared for little green men. “Judaism accepts the possibility of extraterrestrial life. Jewish theology may actually require a belief in extraterrestrials since there are no limits on the power of the creator. Thus, for Jews to say that no life beyond the Earth could possibly exist would be unacceptable, as such an idea would appear to place shackles on God’s creative power…the universe belongs to God and God can do what God wishes to do with the universe.”

 » Going back many centuries, the great Jewish philosopher Hasdai Crescas (1340-1411), in his classic work Ohr Hashem, wrote an entire chapter in which he maintained that the possibility of life on other planets is not in conflict with Jewish belief. Moreover, Torah sources in fact offer support for them. He invoked the words of Psalm 19:2: “The heavens declare the glory of God” – the rich cosmic landscape with all of its wonders continues to impress us with the infinite possibilities of God’s creations. »

« As further evidence for the possibility of extraterrestrial life, Crescas mentions the Talmudic teaching that “God flies through 18,000 worlds” [Babylonian Talmud Avoda Zara 3B]. Furthermore, Psalm 145:13’s statement that « Your kingdom is a kingdom spanning all olamim (worlds) » could imply the existence of extraterrestrial life, since if there were no existence on these other worlds, what kind of kingdom would God have? »


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