Keroubim Kiss : one love

“ Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for thy love is better than wine”

Song of Songs 1, 2

Couple are not the result of chance, or occasional meetings, or random passions. Accomplished couples in this world result from union between the two halves of a single and androgynous soul, which was split when it came into this world.

This is why the Talmud tells us that David and Bathsheba were intended for each other from the beginning of the times.

« Bathsheba was promised to David from the six days of creation »

Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 107a

The Talmudist R. Joseph Gikatila (1248-1325) explains this in the Middle Ages in Spain.

In the beginning during Maasse Berechit (the act of creation) the Lord created Adam (human being) male AND female souls.  » male and female created He them  » (Gn 1, 26)

“Observe this: God does not place His Michkane above a place where a male and a female do not meet together, nor give His blessings as it is written:  » He called them Adam the day He created them  » Note that it says  » them  » and not  » him  ». The male cannot be called « male » until he is united with a female. « (Zohar I, 55b)

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