Esau and Jacob

וַיִּתְרֹצְצוּ הַבָּנִים, בְּקִרְבָּהּ

 » The children clashed in her belly «  (Gn 25, 22)

« When Jacob and Esau were in the womb of their mother Jacob, said to Esau, ‘Two worlds are before us, this world and the world to come. In this world we can eat, drink, trade, take a wife, father children, in the world to come none of these standards apply. Do you want to take this world and abandon the world to come to me?’ According to the scripture saying » Sell me your birthright this day « (Gen 35, 31). At this hour, while they were in their mother’s womb, Esau immediately denied the resurrection of the dead, exclaiming: « Behold, I am going to die! What good is the birthright for me! « So Esau took his share in this world while Jacob awaits his reward in the world to come. »

Pirke of Rabbi Eliezer
The Maharal of Prague (16e C.) the word "Esaw" has the same value as the word "Chalom" (Peace in sens of completeness) = 376. Esaw choosed his Chalom. The Maharal says that the nations are on the side of Esaw, dedicated to Olam Azé while Israel is dedicated to Olam Abba. Not that there is no spirituality among the Nations and no material stagnation in Israel. But because according to him the Nations, Esaw, find their fulfillment, their fullness, their Chalom in materiality; while Jacob Israel finds his Chalom in the Sky (not anoter world). This fundamental heterogeneity explains the tragic history of our people. We are fundamentally, radically heterogeneous in this world where everything dies. Our Torah which protects the weak, the poor, the widow and the orphan, who orders us to raise the beast of our enemy and not to hold a grudge ... is fundamentally heterogeneous with the violence of the nations. From a kabbalistic point of view : Good and Bad, Life and Death, join in G.od. The is always good and hope in a bad experience.

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