Theseus and Molok

Theseus Myth has been associated with reports by Greco-Roman authors on the child sacrifices in Carthage to Baal Hammon 

Maimonides states (Guide, book III, chap XLVI) that certain cultures would either eat blood or sit around a pot of blood, as they felt they would be favored by “spirits”:

« They imagined that in this manner the spirits would come to partake of the blood which was their food, whilst the idolaters were eating of the flesh; that love, brotherhood and friendship with the spirits were established because they dined with the latter, at one place and at the same time, that the spirits would appear to them in dreams, inform them of coming events, and be favorable to them. »

Maimonides explains the origin of the Torah prohibition against eating blood. He connects this prohibition to the prohibition to serve Molech, a fire god :

« ….the law emphasized the prohibition (against blood eating) in the exactly in the same terms as it emphasizes idolatry. ‘I will set My face against that soul that eats blood.'(Lev. 17:10). The same language is employed in reference to him ‘who gives of his seed to Molech’; ‘then I will set My face against that man.’ (Lev, 20:5). There is, besides idolatry and eating blood, no other sin in reference to which these words are used. For the eating of blood leads to a kind of idolatry, to the worship of spirits. »

We often take our pleasure over our children interest. Reducing our children as objects. This is the modern form of Moloch an idolatry.

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